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Blogging! Don’t you have enough to do?

Okay, maybe I do…

But maybe this is a way some of us can stay more connected, in a casual way of sharing insights, revelation, comments, struggles…

I love to journal so it seems like this is a natural step. To occasionally write a few thoughts that others can comment on and add their 2 cents worth. No pressure, no deadlines.

This is a private blog so the comments will not be seen by anyone other than those invited to join in. I’m sending the invite out to the Canadian Prayer leaders that I know and connect with. If you’re reading this, thanks for responding to the invitation!

(a little techno note: click on “comments” in red under the entry to read more and respond.)

Posted by: cdnpray | December 14, 2008

This is Changing Everything…

When we were in Oshawa at the end of October, we had the privilge of hearing Mark Anderson from YWAM speak. (Apparently, he’s like 3rd in charge of the whole ministry!)

A couple of things that he said have totally changed my perspective.

  1. The Great Commission will be completed at (or near) 2025. (in 17 yrs)
  2. The Lord is saying in these days that “My house will be a house of prayer for all nations …. or it will not be my house.”

Back to number one.

FINISHED! Think about this, it changes everything.


The Church has always had this goal before us, and it always seemed so far off. For 2000 years missionaries, bible translators, church planters, evangelists have laboured, and the church has prayed. But there is a shift when the gospel of the Kingdom has gone to every nation- we are in a whole new era.

The Bible says, “then the end will come.”

I’m loving what Mike Bickle is sowing into the Body these days concerning the end-times. It’s a new, and totally needed perspective. God TV is running alot of his teaching if you haven’t checked it out.

More on big statement #2 later.


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Happy Birthday GOHOP!

We have just passed a wonderful milestone in the nation. We can all celebrate the 7th anniversary of the founding of the Greater Ontario House of Prayer! Seven years, tens of thousands of hours of prayer, worship, hundreds of hours of training, equipping and encouraging. I’m delighted, and my guess is that there are streamers and balloons decking the halls of heaven as the angels party!

Having led a House of Prayer, I am so familiar with the joy -but also the cost…

Beachheads are always costly, prayer doesn’t always have measurable fruit, and frankly-it’s hard work that requires major grace, commitment and endurance.

Yet beachheads open the gates for others that may not quite have that hardy pioneer constitution. Many more can follow when one opens the way.

So today, I’m rejoicing with those that rejoice and celebrating a Canadian team of heroes.

Well done Jill, Kirk and team!! You are a great gift to our nation, and to the Body.

much love,


Posted by: cdnpray | November 3, 2008

Praying for Media – the Next Great Battle

Just back from a wonderful trip to Toronto for the Canadian Prophetic Council, the CRY, and Heaven’s Rehearsal! Sorry to be so negligent in posting. :o)

However, here are my recent thoughts…

I was thinking today about the amazing trip we took to NHOP , just after the Harper government won their first victory, in Feb of /06. The Lord came with such power that a supernatural wind broke out as we prayed in the empty House of Commons and the Senate. We had been praying for a cleansing wind, seeking that all unrighteous residual from previous governments would be washed away- and it MANIFESTED! Literally the heavy velvet curtains in the upper gallery were flapping strongly as the wind blew.

Praying under the Media Gallery

Praying under the Media Gallery

I knew that week that the Church had taken a beach head for the Kingdom of God in government. Since that time (Feb/06) we have seen a steady increase of the mobelisation of the Church to pray and engage in the affairs of the Government of Canada. What a glorious thing to see unfold!

But also that trip… the Lord began to speak to me about the next battle.

Possibly a much more difficult battle…

It is a battle to see the media channels begin to honour God and be used by Him rather than being used by the spirits that mock, caricaturize and intimidate the people of God.

There are laws that we want to see passed- or repealed, that the Government does not dare even open up discussion on… because of how the media would report and present the issues. Both sides are not shown, censorship is happening, and if we want to have our perspectives brought forward as serious considerations we need to see God redeem this gate of mega-influence!

Where do we begin? What is God’s strategy?

NHOP and MyCanada have been hugely used of God to take ground in the government gate. Is there another House of Prayer in God’s heart for the media arena? What other creative strategies are going to be given for this battle? Let’s pray and envision together and see what God shows us!

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Timing is Centre Stage!

Timing is always important in prayer, but sometimes kind of being in the ball-park (or the season) has been good enough. There has been lots of grace… lots of wiggle room… Almost like we have had training-wheels on, so it’s been hard to fall.

But WOW- I’m now feeling such an intensity on the importance of precise timing. I’ve never felt it be SO CRITICAL as I do in these days. I think especially this month of October is so critical.

It’s kind of like we are being called to grow up and the Lord is urging us to draw on much more prophetic anointing in intercession so we know how to pray in step with the precise strategies of God. We must move into a greater maturity in the prophetic and grow as leaders in raising the bar for clearer, weightier prophetic words & intercession.

Imagine how things would have turned out if Esther didn’t get her timing JUST RIGHT!

Here’s a clip from Graham Cooke that inspired me about the acceleration of the times. (thanks Margo)


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Ghetto 2

Picking up on some of the excellent comments you have all been sharing….

Here is a summary of what I see as the major root issues that keeps prayer unpopular:

  • Pastors who are cautious (many times with good reasons) and won’t promote prayer.
  • Lack of theological depth in many who have prophetic/intercessory anointing.
  • The power of image and association- what I mean by this is the subconscious way we are drawn to the people that we assess as attractive, powerful, “successful”….cool. We group with those that we feel are like us, and/or who we want to be like, so that by association our image is strengthened.
  • Of course we are all aware of how prayer has become associated with the middle-aged women.

    I feel we must work to break intercession out of this stereotype so that men and young people also feel totally at home in the prayer room. They feel this is “their tribe”, “their community”. They have done this in the US to a large extent with IHOP & with the CALL, but not so in Canada.

    I’m not advocating we go nuts trying to make prayer “cool”, but maybe work at making it socially more accessible to a broader base.



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    Sparows and Swallows

    Thanks for all your comments everyone- so much that I totally agree with! Let’s keep processing this and sharing. I’ll pick the thread up on the “ghetto issue” as in a day or so but here is something that helped me with “the granola bunch”. …

    I remember when I was leading the VHOP, and we were on a easy bus route from the hospital, a number of psych ward patients would get day passes and come to our day-time meetings. It was quite difficult for me as we were using the IHOP model of having an open mic to pray in during the meeting, and they would use it! A lot!

    I was complaining to the Lord that they were “wrecking the prayer meeting”. Lots of anger, delusional thoughts/fantasy, it was really hard to manage. But the Lord responded to my whining with a simple question that broke my heart. “Where else can I send them? [where they can be in my Presence].”

    Suddenly everything was turned upside-down (right-side up) and I saw a whole other side of leading a prayer meeting that I hadn’t really considered before. In a split second my mind flashed to Ps 84:3:

    “Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young—a place near your altar,O Lord Almighty, my King and my God.”.

    Traditionally sparrows are symbolic of the poor and swallows, the wanderers. People that are broken and needy but find a place of peace and comfort in the Presence of God. Some for just a moment of relief, others settle in because no-one else will have them. I was focused on saving the world :o) (at least the region of Vancouver)-He was also concerned about the needs right before me. Quite a revelation to the state of my heart, and quite a rebuke.

    I still seek to lead prayer in a way that we break through, hit the mark and leave having shook the heavens for the Kingdom of God (I’m sure we all do). But I think the Lord wants to grow a more pastoral side of me and truly give me a heart of compassion. For many of you- this is second nature, for me… well I’m wired to drive, to pioneer, to break through… I have to work at it more.

    Prayer meetings can be filled with God’s presence so i think we’ll have to expect the sparrows and swallows.


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    Getting Prayer out of the Ghetto

    So why not start with something provocative!?

    Here is my question:

    How do we change the image of prayer/intercession in the nation from easily the least popular ministry to the place people are clamouring to become intercessors?

    I remember about 10 years ago, when a conference on intercession was always going to be sold-out, and everyone was reading everything they could get their hands on about how to pray. Now in MANY settings intercession is barely tolerated, and praying people often find they loose their credibility as soon as they identify with the ministry of intercession.

    I was surprised when on the Miracle Channel in the summer and the host who was interviewing me mentioned that he knew of many Canadian churches where intercession had been totally shut down because of a fear of intercessors going off into weirdness or worse. What happened?!

    Where is the conviction that prayer changes things? Has the enemy so blinded the Body that we are afraid of intercession instead of seeing it as a mighty weapon to strike fear into the enemy’s camp? How did we get to be known as the granola bunch (flakes, fruits and nuts)? How can we break out of this upside down perception?

    I don’t really care for my personal image or reputation- but it breaks my heart to see how poorly attended prayer meetings are and how much this undermines the power and impact of the Church.

    Talk to me on this… I invite your thoughts, revelations, perceptions…