Posted by: cdnpray | October 2, 2008

Blogging! Don’t you have enough to do?

Okay, maybe I do…

But maybe this is a way some of us can stay more connected, in a casual way of sharing insights, revelation, comments, struggles…

I love to journal so it seems like this is a natural step. To occasionally write a few thoughts that others can comment on and add their 2 cents worth. No pressure, no deadlines.

This is a private blog so the comments will not be seen by anyone other than those invited to join in. I’m sending the invite out to the Canadian Prayer leaders that I know and connect with. If you’re reading this, thanks for responding to the invitation!

(a little techno note: click on “comments” in red under the entry to read more and respond.)



  1. Hey Sara, what a neat idea! Thanks for inviting me onto your blog. I won’t always comment but I will enjoy seeing what you are pondering throughout the seasons.

  2. Bravo Sara!
    When I picked up your email …. I sensed this is a ‘new tool’ which is going to fascilitate a greater level of prophetic and intercessory exchange as this acceleration increases as we move into the mandates of a new year.
    I have had the two scriptures coming to me …..
    eyes fixed on Jesus’ and ‘Peter on the water’
    I think we’ll all have lots of conversing to do

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