Posted by: cdnpray | October 7, 2008

Sparows and Swallows

Thanks for all your comments everyone- so much that I totally agree with! Let’s keep processing this and sharing. I’ll pick the thread up on the “ghetto issue” as in a day or so but here is something that helped me with “the granola bunch”. …

I remember when I was leading the VHOP, and we were on a easy bus route from the hospital, a number of psych ward patients would get day passes and come to our day-time meetings. It was quite difficult for me as we were using the IHOP model of having an open mic to pray in during the meeting, and they would use it! A lot!

I was complaining to the Lord that they were “wrecking the prayer meeting”. Lots of anger, delusional thoughts/fantasy, it was really hard to manage. But the Lord responded to my whining with a simple question that broke my heart. “Where else can I send them? [where they can be in my Presence].”

Suddenly everything was turned upside-down (right-side up) and I saw a whole other side of leading a prayer meeting that I hadn’t really considered before. In a split second my mind flashed to Ps 84:3:

“Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young—a place near your altar,O Lord Almighty, my King and my God.”.

Traditionally sparrows are symbolic of the poor and swallows, the wanderers. People that are broken and needy but find a place of peace and comfort in the Presence of God. Some for just a moment of relief, others settle in because no-one else will have them. I was focused on saving the world :o) (at least the region of Vancouver)-He was also concerned about the needs right before me. Quite a revelation to the state of my heart, and quite a rebuke.

I still seek to lead prayer in a way that we break through, hit the mark and leave having shook the heavens for the Kingdom of God (I’m sure we all do). But I think the Lord wants to grow a more pastoral side of me and truly give me a heart of compassion. For many of you- this is second nature, for me… well I’m wired to drive, to pioneer, to break through… I have to work at it more.

Prayer meetings can be filled with God’s presence so i think we’ll have to expect the sparrows and swallows.




  1. I know how you feel. (Murray and I are both thrilled by this blog by the way). God has been speaking to me about relationships and the need to spend time with those who have no one else.

    Sometimes my need to “take the promised land” takes all my energy and I have none left to spare for those around me. Right now I don’t even have the energy to intercede for this city or this country. Quite the contrary, I need the prayers of my friends and prayer partners right now so that God will give us the energy to “fight for our inheritance”.

    There are too many days when this “mighty warrior” (tongue in cheek) is an emotional wreck because things just get hard. Today this blog is a response to my cry to God for help. It is an encouragement for me to be able to share how I am right now. No pressure. No expectations. Just someone to hear my heart and perhaps lift me in prayer. As an aside Sara, I think you are extremely pastoral. Perhaps a Deborah in that you are pastoral yet still a warrior.

    I look forward to my next comment being much more positive. I know God is in control. I just have to relax and allow Him to bring about the appropriate outcome at the appropriate time.


  2. Colleen- I’m praying for you and Murray to stand fast in all that you are walking through. BTW- you ARE a mighty warrior (no tongue in my cheek!)

    watching your back,

    ps. thanks for your encouragement!!

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