Posted by: cdnpray | October 14, 2008

Timing is Centre Stage!

Timing is always important in prayer, but sometimes kind of being in the ball-park (or the season) has been good enough. There has been lots of grace… lots of wiggle room… Almost like we have had training-wheels on, so it’s been hard to fall.

But WOW- I’m now feeling such an intensity on the importance of precise timing. I’ve never felt it be SO CRITICAL as I do in these days. I think especially this month of October is so critical.

It’s kind of like we are being called to grow up and the Lord is urging us to draw on much more prophetic anointing in intercession so we know how to pray in step with the precise strategies of God. We must move into a greater maturity in the prophetic and grow as leaders in raising the bar for clearer, weightier prophetic words & intercession.

Imagine how things would have turned out if Esther didn’t get her timing JUST RIGHT!

Here’s a clip from Graham Cooke that inspired me about the acceleration of the times. (thanks Margo)




  1. I agree! Even from last night’s election, I can’t believe some of the candidates (that I know are born again Christians) in such a short time are able to rise up to this challange and put up a mighty good fight!

    there are 2 candidates in particular in my heart that I though “no, they’re not gonna make it this time, not enough time for campaigns or to let the people know who they are”.

    BUT both of these candidates gotten so much votes that they are SO close to the opposition candidates who were running strong for many years! That is a miracle in itself !

    I am reminded once again that it is not up to us to judge the TIMING of it all from human’s perspectives, even in politics!

    God’s divine time and favor over-rules any human predictions and startagies!

    Esther Leung-Kong

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