Posted by: cdnpray | November 3, 2008

Praying for Media – the Next Great Battle

Just back from a wonderful trip to Toronto for the Canadian Prophetic Council, the CRY, and Heaven’s Rehearsal! Sorry to be so negligent in posting. :o)

However, here are my recent thoughts…

I was thinking today about the amazing trip we took to NHOP , just after the Harper government won their first victory, in Feb of /06. The Lord came with such power that a supernatural wind broke out as we prayed in the empty House of Commons and the Senate. We had been praying for a cleansing wind, seeking that all unrighteous residual from previous governments would be washed away- and it MANIFESTED! Literally the heavy velvet curtains in the upper gallery were flapping strongly as the wind blew.

Praying under the Media Gallery

Praying under the Media Gallery

I knew that week that the Church had taken a beach head for the Kingdom of God in government. Since that time (Feb/06) we have seen a steady increase of the mobelisation of the Church to pray and engage in the affairs of the Government of Canada. What a glorious thing to see unfold!

But also that trip… the Lord began to speak to me about the next battle.

Possibly a much more difficult battle…

It is a battle to see the media channels begin to honour God and be used by Him rather than being used by the spirits that mock, caricaturize and intimidate the people of God.

There are laws that we want to see passed- or repealed, that the Government does not dare even open up discussion on… because of how the media would report and present the issues. Both sides are not shown, censorship is happening, and if we want to have our perspectives brought forward as serious considerations we need to see God redeem this gate of mega-influence!

Where do we begin? What is God’s strategy?

NHOP and MyCanada have been hugely used of God to take ground in the government gate. Is there another House of Prayer in God’s heart for the media arena? What other creative strategies are going to be given for this battle? Let’s pray and envision together and see what God shows us!



  1. I have to agree with you about the Media. United Press put out information about Iraq and Uranium in July. Not a peep from the general press anywhere. No one knows anything (Murray and I just read about it last night on the eve of the election in the US that is truly a battle in the Spirit). The media is so very bias toward Liberal views that they will report lies or not report any truth at all in order to manipulate the minds of the nation. If a Christian is operating in the Media in any way the spiritual warfare is unbelievable. We need to pray that the Media is filled with the fear of the Lord. That more Christians will write in with their concerns and speak against the bias that is happening. We need to pray but we also need to take a bit of action I think. When was the last time we responded in writing to an article or report we could not agree with? I signed on to blog on CBC just recently because I could not believe what was being said about “Conservative” thinkers. We must do this with God’s Grace and love and not to just be heard but to get God’s perspective out into the media. They do print letter’s to the editor that come from Christians we just need more of us to write even as we up our prayer for those in the media. God needs to be in control of this very important means of communication. Today though let’s pray for the US. God we need to see your hand move in that country today.

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