Posted by: cdnpray | December 14, 2008

This is Changing Everything…

When we were in Oshawa at the end of October, we had the privilge of hearing Mark Anderson from YWAM speak. (Apparently, he’s like 3rd in charge of the whole ministry!)

A couple of things that he said have totally changed my perspective.

  1. The Great Commission will be completed at (or near) 2025. (in 17 yrs)
  2. The Lord is saying in these days that “My house will be a house of prayer for all nations …. or it will not be my house.”

Back to number one.

FINISHED! Think about this, it changes everything.


The Church has always had this goal before us, and it always seemed so far off. For 2000 years missionaries, bible translators, church planters, evangelists have laboured, and the church has prayed. But there is a shift when the gospel of the Kingdom has gone to every nation- we are in a whole new era.

The Bible says, “then the end will come.”

I’m loving what Mike Bickle is sowing into the Body these days concerning the end-times. It’s a new, and totally needed perspective. God TV is running alot of his teaching if you haven’t checked it out.

More on big statement #2 later.




  1. Merry Christmas Sara.
    Your comments re end time really witness with my spirit. I did listen to Mike Bickle’s teaching, talked to some of my friends and they want to get together to listen/pray over this.
    I appreciate your word on the political spirit as well, so true that we need to eliminate this within the church in order to effectively pray for the government. Thanks for giving me more understanding as to how to pray over this. In conjunction with this wonder if you have any insight into the spirit of compromise which masks itself as unity?

  2. I just started an 8 week study on the End-time study with Mike Bickle on DVD. It should be very interesting!

    I can’t wait …until the full number of the Gentiles is complete and so all Israel will be saved! (Romans 11:25-26)

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