So I’m kind of a middlish-aged woman with some simple goals in life.

1. bring God pleasure

2. change the world :o)

I guess I’m pretty serious about both of these.

I’m married to a awesome guy named Mike and love being a mom to 3 amazing young men. I’m still kind of a hippie (just buying a ORANGE Honda Element-mostly cause it’s funky), fiercely Canadian, and Starbucks knows me as “Grande-Green-Tea-Latte”.



  1. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for inviting me to check out your blog and be a part onging discussions on intercession related topics.

    I have had something rather “interesting” happen to me lately. As you know I am also fiercely Canadian but I believe the Lord has led me to stand with the US in fasting and praying for the outcome of their elections. I listened to a podcast from Lou Engle about 3 weeks ago (he was a guest speaker at Bill Johnson’s church in Redding, California) and I was so stirred by the message and the seriousness of the hour, that I was compelled to join with them.

    I have to say that I am feeling a little funny about it because I cannot seem to muster up any real heartfelt intercession for my own country and we are heading to the polls in less than a week! I have never been good at prayers of obligation so just can’t get into it.

    I know that I am on another assignment. I am however thrilled to know that others are standing on the wall for Canada, especially the Nazarites at NHOP. And I also believe that I am fulfilling our destiny as a Nation to be a healing for the Nations in doing this, and I know that what happens in the States will affect the whole world, our Nation included. But my heart beats for Canada…so this turn of events for me is so unusual.

    My question is- Have you heard of anyone else feeling led to do something similar to this or am I totally out to lunch here?

    Would love to hear from you.


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